About us


We started Saskconnection Collectables in November 2002 when we opened a store on eBay offering stamps, first day covers, event covers and postcards. Our objective was, and still is to create a virtual stamp store where collectors can find a wide variety of stamps, souvenir sheets, booklets, presentation packs, full sheets, along with a wide selection of covers. Since then we have expanded our store every year and we currently offer over 14,000 unique listings and we have sold over 180,000 lots on eBay since we opened our store.

Since 2002 a number of new websites for stamps have been developed including StampWants (now known as BidStart) and Delcampe. We opened stores on each of these sites and as the technology improved we have been able to clone our eBay listings on to both BidStart and Delcampe, so if you don’t wish to purchase on eBay, you can still view and purchase from our eBay listings on one of these sites. Since Delcampe no longer offers a simple option to clone our eBay listings we have closed down out Delcampe Store.

Over the years steadily rising fees and the constant changes imposed by eBay on sellers means that it is not practical for us to continue to expand our eBay store, however we still have thousands of unique items waiting to be listed. With the development of our own website we will be able to offer many unique items in addition to the inventory we have listed on eBay.

While we build up the selection of stamps available on this website we encourage you to check out our eBay store